Intelligent Security



The intelligent security systems not only protect our buildings and installations, they also give information to work on prevention and they offer data that help to take decisions regarding your company or home, therefore, to make your life easier. Our solutions are based on protection, innovation and technology.


We offer more than protection; incorporation of artificial intelligence in traditional video monitoring systems gives us more accurate results. The incorporation of intelligent functions in the pictures management we obtain solutions that analyse the behaviour of customers in business that take care of the warehouse.


We transform the pictures of your home or business into information and prevention. Our solutions allow us the face and license plate recognition to detect intruders and suspicious behaviours.

We can also create patterns to control traffic or the entrance and the exit of people and vehicles.


We add readers, barriers and we offer the necessary software to monitor the entrances and the exits of a building.

You can get information about when, where or who are entering your property.

You can also automate HR management with time control systems.


We offer innovative solutions to keep away intrusions with a quick and effective intervention that neutralized the attack. We manage the incidents from our security centre to give you the opportunity to enjoy your home and to stay safe in your business too.